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About 68% or roughly eighty-five million households are an avid pet lover. Now buying a pack of the same food every day can be a daunting task. So, pet owners find it easy to buy the larger packs at once.

Your pets have a limited amount of feeding capacity. So, you cannot feed them with all the quantity at once. Here is why you will need a storage container. A good pet food storage container will help you to keep the food safe and healthy.

The advantages of these storage pet-food-container are given below:

Containers are more convenient than bags of pet fodders.

Container help in keeping the kibble fresh for a longer period of time.

Containers also act as a barrier to insect attacks.

The taste and texture of the food remain preserved in containers.

Some of the pet food containers are equipped with wheels. Hence, you can easily carry them from one place to another.

These containers are easy to store. You can either use industrial shelves or any other shelves to place the container.

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Pannonia Blockchain is a peer-to-peer Internet payment tool that provides instant, low-cost references to anyone in the world.

Pannonia Blockchain is an open source payment network that is fully decentralized without central authorities.


Smart Contracts, Marketplace, Decentralized Exchange

Digital Currency, Decentralised Asset Exchange, Marketplace and Voting System

Consensus Type: Proof Of Stake

Processing Type: Forging

Required minimum to stake: 1,000 PAN

POS explained: The transaction fees since the last block are reserved for the next block finder

Reward Formula: TransactionFees * YourHoldings / ActiveStake = Daily Earning in PAN

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Changelly is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange, which means that no users’ funds are placing in the service. Changelly acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, offering access to 150+ cryptocurrencies. The company mission is making the exchange process effortless for everyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency. Operating since 2015, the platform and its mobile app attract over a million visitors monthly who enjoy high limits, fast transactions, and 24/7 live support.

Changelly offers an intuitive interface, secure transactions, and favorable exchange rates. The service doesn’t charge any hidden or unreasonable fees. There is only a fixed charge of 0.25% fee for crypto-to-crypto swaps, and that’s it.

Changelly offers its API and a customizable payment widget to any crypto service that wishes to broaden its audience and implement new exchange options. Dozens of crypto businesses already use Changelly API which empowers their functionality with the instant swap feature. Changelly partners with MyEtherWallet, Exodus, Binance, BRD, Edge, Coinomi, Trezor, Ledger, Enjin, Coinpayments, Huobi Wallet and other well-known players in the crypto industry.




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